Tips for Guide Beginner to Barre

Like many women, I focused on Cardio when I was working out. I put my heart rate in the fat burning zone and made sure that my calories did not exceed the calories I was burning. From time to time I would take a ride on the weight machines, but weight training was never my top priority. . . until I’m 40 years old. Even though I had conquered Cardio, I was slim and as my body softened, parts migrated south. I had a hard time finding a solution, then I discovered the Barre class.

I’ve been a cardio trainer for over a decade, but I knew it was time to add something new to my workout. I was intrigued by the Barre craze and even had the chance to take an introductory class, but my gym currently did not offer any classes and there was no Studio nearby. Fortunately, the sports club where I used to teach was rebuilt and I decided to strike while the iron was hot and asked if they could add bars and barre lessons to our new Studio. Not only did they add them, but they also agreed to pay for my certified instructor training.

While researching the different methods of teaching the Barre, I realized that there were a lot of similarities between the Barre classes with variations here and there. Some add a Cardio element, others focus more on the Ballet component, while others are very strongly based on Pilates. In the end, I went with Booty Barre. He has thrusts, It’s fun and the Pilates method focuses on the right form, making it safe but very effective.

After working out in the spring, I worked out and trained to wait for our new Barre studio to open in the fall. I was so excited to start and I had told all my regular students about it. We started with five classes a week and it was so popular that we quickly added more. With only two of us teaching, we have been striving to find and train more instructors. Members were on waiting lists and asked for alternative class times. They told their friends, going from one class a week to two or three.

We now have five teachers with 20 hours a week on the schedule and the registrations have not calmed down at all. Why? Maybe it has to do with all these advantages:

All the advantages – No impact: Barre offers a unique and incredible way to give you sculpted and lean muscles and an excellent Cardio pump without straining your joints as you would with running or jumping exercises. Remember: a low impact does not mean a low intensity!

Full body workout: The Bar encompasses your muscles from head to toe. Plie sculpts her legs and buttocks. Balancing on your toes, you get beautiful calves. These tiny weights give you a powerful blow in your arms, back and shoulders. And everything about Barre gives you a beautiful core.

Great and beautiful posture: stand up straight, tuck your stomach in, hold your shoulders back… all this becomes second nature if you take the Helm. And when something becomes second nature in the classroom, it stays with you in all other parts of your life.

Better Flexibility: Reach, Bend, Lengthen, Stretch… all this can be heard during a Barre class. The goal is to make your muscles longer, slimmer and more flexible overall.

Change your body by changing your training: your body needs variety to improve. You can’t go through the same workout day after day and expect changes. To achieve change, you need change. Adding Barbell to your weekly workout routine offers you a safe, low-impact and intense activity that is completely different from weightlifting or running.

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