Step by Step Guide for Beginners Meditation

Do you finally need to find peace in the hustle and bustle of your over-planned life? I want to offer you help in the form of guided meditation to transcend your mind and give presence to this Moment.

Never meditated? Take a look at this beginner’s guide, then sit back, relax and try something new. You can make this year your year to prioritize your health and happiness.

What is meditation?

Despite what some people think, meditation is not related to any particular religion. It is simply an exercise that can help you calm your mind and feel more at peace.

Some people use the phrase “meditating on something” to mean thinking about something or focusing on something. But the art of meditation itself is simply a way to calm the mind to achieve another state of consciousness. Through breathing and awareness, you rest the noisy chatter of your mind while you sit and detach yourself from your endless stream of thoughts.

The power to reduce the Chaos of life simply by being present is a gift. And this gift is not only for you, but for everyone with whom you come into contact — your family, friends, colleagues, even people who drive on the road.

If you are able to become the silent observer of your thoughts, you can act thoughtfully instead of simply reacting to life’s circumstances. You can choose how to deal with a traffic jam or a stressful deadline, rather than just going about it without realizing it.

Not to mention that meditation has so many health benefits if it helps you sleep better and reduce Stress.

Meditation, simply breathing and being help us to enter a comfortable state where time and space seem to lose their limits. He doesn’t need to feel a certain way. In fact, there are tons of different types of meditation if you want to find one that suits you. But to begin with, let’s try something simple.

It is enough to draw your attention to the sensations of inspiration and exhalation. And if a thought or distraction comes to mind, let it pass and focus on your deep conscious breathing.

Let’s start with the guided meditation to calm all your senses and immerse yourself in your body.

Step 1:

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Start listening to your breathing. Is your breath rough and jagged or is it smooth, soft and friendly? Feel your breath flow. Center yourself. Come in this Moment. Not the past, not the future, but The here and now.

Step 2:

Inhale and exhale deeply and consciously actively through your nostrils three times. This sends the happiness hormone, serotonin, throughout your body. Notice how you relax while listening. Inhale six times for each breath and exhale six times. Try to take this breath three times in a row. Feel the movement of the breath deep inside, at the cellular level.

Step 3:

As you continue this breath, imagine yourself walking slowly through your labyrinth. Step by step, make your way through the maze. The maze could be made of sand and stones, large lush trees, flowers in a garden or even candy canes! But wherever and whatever your labyrinth is, make it your personal and sacred space-The space that is in all of us, in your heart, where your truth resides.

Step 4:

With each turn of your maze, imagine that you are literally getting rid of your worldly attachments. One by one, thought by thought, they roll out of your body. Drop everything! On the next turn, you will reach the center of your maze and really feel the feeling of being cleansed and renewed.

Listen to your breathing with a calm and open heart and a calm and open mind and embrace the silence, the vastness of this zone that you have created. Sit down and stay for a while, here with your breath, your balance.

Step 5:

Stay silent for at least a Minute and…

Feel the ground supporting and holding you.

Notice the sensations of the space between your clothes and your skin.

Feel your chest rise and fall with your breathing.

Enjoy relaxing your shoulders while allowing the weight of the world to unfold.

Explore the space between your ears while your mind is peaceful.

The tongue and teeth soften when the words have finally left their body.

The eyebrows relax while the expression on your face softens.

Feel the fullness of the spirit in your heart.

Feel the positive and powerful feeling of yourself.

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