Guide for Practice EMOM Workout At Home

What type of workout is super fast, adaptable to any goal, suitable for all fitness levels and really easy to follow?

Answer: EMOM workouts!

It’s true! If you are a fan of fun and fast workouts that grab your attention and reduce your training time, then be sure to try EMOM workouts!

What is an EMOM training?

EMOM is an acronym that means “every Minute by the Minute”.
EMOM workouts have become increasingly popular in recent years, as Crossfit training uses this type of methodology. This is a super fun and unique way to transform your workout by performing a predetermined number of repetitions in a given time.

It’s as simple as that: if you have completed all your repetitions before the time runs out, you can rest. The sooner you finish your rehearsals, the longer you can rest.

For example, if the exercise involves 12 push-ups in one Minute, do your 12 push-ups at the beginning of the Minute and when you are done, rest with the remaining time until the next Minute begins. When you are done in 30 seconds, you have 30 seconds to rest. When you are done in 45, You have 15 seconds to rest.

Of course, it is important to stick to the right shape and range of motion, but the Timing will give you an extra desire to push a little harder so that you have more time to rest before the next Minute starts

Advantages of EMOM workouts

What do you enjoy most about a workout? Most of us want something that is very effective but doesn’t last all day. If so, the EMOM Format is another great tool to throw in your box of goodies!

Similar to HIIT training, EMOM training conditions your body to work at a high energy rate, which leads to EPOC, or “excessive oxygen consumption after exercise”.”

This means that even after finishing your workout, you have put so much pressure on that your body continues to burn calories well into the rest of your day. Doors!

According to ACE (American Council on Exercise), “The EPOC is affected by the intensity and not by the duration of the exercise.”Translation? Increasing your heart rate with short and intense intervals, such as those that occur in the EPOC Format, offers you more benefits for burning calories than a long slow walk.

In addition, ACE rightly explains: “Exercise that uses more oxygen burns more calories.”Simply put, the harder you breathe, the more calories you burn. This is one of the unique advantages of meeting the challenges of an EMOM training.

Of course, the EMOM Format offers many other advantages. Here are some of them:

For all fitness levels

Whether you are an experienced athlete or someone who works out casually three days a week, EMOMs can be adapted to a variety of fitness levels. EMOM workouts can be created using dumbbells and other high-specification training equipment to push athletes to their limits, or they can be designed with simple bodyweight movements that anyone and anywhere can do.

Even in the same workout, beginners can move to a different Level or get a different number of repetitions than the more advanced ones. It is super adaptable and ideal for everyone!

The only caveat you should add is that it’s not a good start to jump into an EMOM workout if you were completely sedentary. Due to the pace of this type of training, it is important that you have a basic understanding of how to do simple exercises in advance and follow them first. So, put your body in movement mode, learn to master a basic squat, lunge, push-up, etc. and then you can use this knowledge at a basic level in this EMOM style.

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