Complete Guide for Beginner To Workout Ropes

You’ve probably already seen them at the gym and wondered “”What is it?!”We are talking about the heavy training ropes that are popular with professional athletes and fitness beginners.

Why are training ropes so popular? Hitting, waving and whipping around these heavy ropes builds strength and endurance — on top of that, it makes almost every muscle in your body work and also increases your heart rate. This is basically the complete package! However, unlike high-impact activities, training  put less pressure on your hips and knees, so training rope exercises are the perfect way to do a full-body workout without hurting your joints.

Let’s explore the benefits of using training ropes and then get into a fantastic training rope workout that you can try for yourself.

What are training ropes?

Training ropes are heavy ropes used to develop strength and endurance. They come in different lengths and thicknesses, but a standard size is 40 feet long and 1.5 inches thick. These types of training ropes are often found in gyms, but you can also buy training ropes for home use that are a little shorter. (We don’t know too many people who have room for 40 feet in their home gym!) SPRI manufactures an 18-foot long and 1.5-inch thick conditioning rope, ideal for home use.

There are also training ropes with a 2-inch diameter handle, but they are often too thick and heavy for beginners. If you’re just starting out, stick to the 1.5-inch thickness.

Advantages of training ropes

In addition to being fun (who doesn’t want to slam and whip strings from time to time to spoil it??) Training roping are an awesome fitness device. You will develop your strength and endurance while working your entire upper body, your entire core and even your legs, because you will be in a light squat for many movements. They offer a finisher Cardio workout because they use short bursts of effort (intervals) combined with a little rest in between. And as I’ve been saying for years, interval training is one of the best ways to train smarter, not longer. Here are some of the advantages of training ropes:

  • Improves Your Coordination
  • Strengthens the arms, trunk, back and chest
  • Increases Your Heart Rate
  • Allows you to work out several muscle groups at once
  • Burns up to 10 calories per Minute
  • This is a gentle, high-intensity workout that builds strength without stressing your joints

How to use the training ropes

You can usually find workout at your local gym anchored to a beam or wall. They can vary in length, thickness and weight, but they all do the same thing! Check out this tutorial on quick workout then read the tips below before trying them out.

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