Complete Guide for Beginner To Spin Class

Trying a Spin class is a great Option if you get bored while running or walking. It is a fun Cardio workout that will challenge and inspire you with an energetic atmosphere and motivating music. I’m sure you’ve also heard the buzzwords SoulCycle or Peloton and wondered if the Spin class is worth the hype.

Whatever brought you to your first Spin class, congratulations: you are about to enter a fun and challenging world where you can burn tons of calories and have a great time doing it.

Before going to class, check out this beginner’s guide to the Spin class to learn everything you need to know before getting on the bike.

Follow these tips and this first Spin class will delight you!

1. How does the Spin course work?

In the Spin class, you pedal on a stationary bike while the instructor guides you through a visualization of an outdoor workout.

The pace and speed vary during training, sometimes it requires a dizzying speed, and sometimes you pedal from a slow, standing position.

If you’ve never taken a Spin class before, don’t be intimidated. The first thing to know is that everyone was a beginner at one time or another!

2. Do I need special shoes for the Spin class?

It depends on the class you are taking: in most gyms you can wear regular sneakers and there are cages where you can keep your foot on the pedal. However, specialized Studios (such as SoulCycle) use bicycles that only work with cycling/spinning shoes.

The cycling shoes have hard soles and get stuck directly in the pedals, which stabilizes your feet and allows you to work your glutes and legs more efficiently when your feet are in the cages.

Wearing cycling shoes is also a little safer for the Spin class, as you will not slip when pedaling. So, if you think you will return to the classroom, the investment may be worth it!

3. Which Spin Class to wear

Although we have already covered shoes, the next most important point to keep in mind with your clothes is comfort. Spin class workouts are known for breaking a sweat, which means you’ll feel better when you’re prepared.

A breathable, moisture-wicking shirt is your best choice. For stockings, you can choose between Leggings or Shorts. Whatever you choose, make sure that your clothes are comfortable, breathable and do not distract from exercise.

And don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to rehydrate during and after your intense sweating bath.

4. do I need to adjust the spin class wheel?

When you come to class, ask the instructor to help you set up your bike — this is one of the skills you will learn during your Spin certification.

You will probably have to adjust it according to your height, but also the length of your legs, arms and torso.

Some general rules:

Your knees should still be slightly bent when your legs reach the lowest part of your stroke.
When standing next to your bike, the seat should be at about hip level.
The positioning of the handlebars is more personal, based on comfort.

5. is it okay to take breaks?

There’s no shame in taking a break – it’s hard to shoot and you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you need to take a break.

To take a safe break during the spin class, slowly decrease some resistance and slow down your pedals until your heart rate recovers.

No one knows how much tension you put on your steering wheel, so literally don’t be ashamed when you need a Break. The only person who knows how hard you work is you!

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