Important for Beginner To Guide Rowing

Tired of the elliptical? Bored with the treadmill? Confused with the way to the weight room? Maybe it’s time to go to the one machine in the gym that you haven’t tried yet. It’s time for you to try Indoor rowing! Indoor rowing has regained its popularity for a good reason. Rowing is the definition of a full-body workout: it uses all the main muscle groups and gives you a finisher Cardio workout! If you’ve already outgrown the rowers at the gym and didn’t know what to do, fear not – we’re here to teach you the basics of using a machine, why indoor rowing is such a good workout and how to successfully row on an indoor machine. Read on to find out why Rowing could become your new favorite workout.

What is indoor rowing?

You’ve seen crew teams on the water on college campuses, haven’t you? Indoor rowers take this action and bring it inside. Indoor rowing machines, also called “erg” or “ergometers”, have long been used by crew teams who want to maintain their training even during the winter months. But over the years, they have also gained popularity with other people — anyone who wants a full-body workout that has little impact and increases the heart rate. Most gyms have rowers, and there are even group fitness classes that you can attend.

Advantages of indoor rowing

Indoor rowing offers so many advantages that it has become the recent trend not only among coaches and their clients, but also as group fitness training. Here are some advantages of indoor rowing:

1. It is a low impact

Rowing is a low-impact Cardio workout that is gentle on your joints due to the easy sliding movement. You don’t hit the pavement with your feet when you run, but you still increase your heart rate.

2. Gives you a full body workout

You may not doubtful that it is a full-body workout, but it is! You actually engage about 85% of your muscles on a  machine.Your legs, arms and core are all used, making it a great way to tone all of these areas at the same time!

3. it can be meditative

Rowing requires tons of mental concentration, which makes it a somewhat meditative experience. People who row often will tell you that it is a way for them to clear their head, just like running or cycling is for some people.

4. it’s simple and suitable for everyone

Rowing is an exercise that can be practiced by all ages, body types and fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes. You don’t need to have any special training to get on a machine. Moreover, the learning curve is simple: most people can learn to do it in just a few minutes!

5. you burn a ton of calories

Rowing, surprisingly, can burn a lot of calories. It goes without saying that when you engage so many muscles, you expend a lot of energy. Energy is equivalent to calories burned. A 160-pound person burns about 250 calories in just 30 minutes!

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